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About us

Foundation 25xEurope
To bring this project about we have established a foundation called 25xEurope. The aim of this foundation is to organize and/or support activities with a European theme at home and abroad. Potential follow-up activities can, if possible, be supported by the foundation. Young people who want to set up activities of their own can, as from 2006, call on the foundation for information and support. The board of the foundation consists of people with diverse backgrounds. All these board members contribute to the project’s thorough basis and provide continuity during the trip.

The foundation only works with volunteers so this project is run by several volunteers. First of all the travellers. Of course they get a great experience, but they do it partly on their own costs. And a great project, as ours is, needs people who stay at home and take care of the "boring stuff". So the foundation likes to thank Véronique Bettonville, Cyril Boonmann, Jojanneke van der Toorn and Saskia Dijkstra for their contribution to the project! A special thanks goes out to Roos Bruin who takes care of translating articles.

A project like this gets stronger by cooperation. 25xEurope had found partners in BNN United, NIZW International Centre, the Dutch National Youth Council, ANWB, Subpoort and Erasmus Students Network.

This project is financially made possible by the European Cultural Foundation and by a fund of the ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.