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Travellers stories:
Marina ter Woort:
Marina in Slovakia
“Roma’s are the problem here”. From the first conversation in Bratislava to the last in Kosice I was confronted with such resentful Misha Bours:
Misha in Poland
"Off to the country of the thousand lakes, Poland…The moments I enjoy most during our trip, are the moments I spend alone. This doesn&rsqu Joeri Oudshoorn:
Joeri in France
"On my way back I stand still, for a while, at a taxi stand. A black man tries, money in his hand, to get a cab. While the first driver refuses h Ghislaine van Drunen:
On Camera in Belfast
We are filmed right now. Look, there’s a camera. And there. And there. And don’t turn around, there are the cops. I don’t know what Roanne van Voorst:
Roanne in Italy
"Special. That for certain. Beautiful too. And above all charming. Palermo is dirty and wonderful at the same time, full of activity and sultry,

Travellers intro

Who are the travellers?
25xEurope's travellers are young and enthusiastic people. There curious about the real Europe. Every several weeks they get in their bus and leave for a new destination.

At this moment the travellers are: Roanne, Misha, Ghislaine, Joeri and Marina. By clicking on their pictures you can find out more about who they are and what they do.

Earlier this year another group travelled through Europe. You can still check them out by clicking on the photos of Godelief, Marianne, Katy and Joost.